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How can you resist our jams?

All of our jams are made from the finest, natural ingredients -- one batch at a time because that's the way Grammie thinks it is best. Needless to say, Door County Wisconsin is known for its excellent fruits -- raspberries, strawberries and particularly cherries -- and we take special pride in offering these tasty fruits in our jams. Below are listed the jams that we sell as well as prices for combination three packs. Each three pack is carefully boxed for safety in mailing so you can be assured that your jam gift will arrive deliciously intact. As a bonus, your three pack comes in a handsome wooden crate that looks "right at home" on your breakfast table. The three pack makes an especially flavorful gift -- for Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day -- anytime!




All of our jams come in full 8 oz. jars.

All of our prices include tax, shipping and handling.

#1  One three pack of

Cherry Jam

 $ 16.75

(includes shipping)

 #2 One three pack of

Strawberry Jam

 $ 16.25

(includes shipping)

 #3 One three pack of

Raspberry Jam

$ 17.25

(includes shipping)

 #4 One three pack of

one (1) Cherry,

one (1) Strawberry and

one (1) Raspberry

 $ 16.75

(includes shipping)

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